All points in the contract of sale !!!

Providing real data, the information retention can frustrate sales and will not relieve the expected events.

Receive special attention

- After signing the assignment, you must cooperate with the realtor, and have to accept that events will be gone through the realtor. If there is no cooperation, CH can terminate the contract.
- You are not required to set a limit price, but if you set a limit amount and the buyer indicates buying intention at that price, you are obliged to sell.
- In case of accepted purchase offer you can not withdraw the contract
- Required to pay a referral fee if we sold the real estate to our customer:
  1. In normal case.
  2. If you do not take the bid on the limit price.
  3. If the owner withdraws from the sale after the accepted bid.
  4. If you sell the apartment to the customer presented by CH within 1 year after the expiration of the order. you have to pay our commission with penalty.
  5. If it turns out after a settled purchase offer that there is a preemptive right on the real estate.
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