• On the real-estate: public utility lag (water, gas, current, heating...), upkeep lag, mortgage credit onto the flat… and many others.
  • The beneficiary can own, use, utilize and benefit from the real-estate. The beneficiary’s legal usufruct lasts until the end of his life generally, , but it can be for a shorter period of time, but this is not universal. Process: When we make a commission contract with the owner, and beneficiary is registered onto the real-estate(on title deed), in that case the beneficiary is required to complete and sign a declaration (CH form). This is about knowing the sale of the real estate and will renounce the usufruct if a sales contract is established. The beneficiary is required to appear personally on the sales contract. If it does not work physically, you need to provide a notarised power of attorney to someone who will be represented at this event. For renouncing a usufruct (for a deletion) there is a separate prize, which the lawyer has to pay then.
  • All points in the contract of sale !!! Providing real data, the information retention can frustrate sales and will not relieve the expected events. Receive special attention - After signing the assignment, you must cooperate with the realtor, and have to accept that events will be gone through the realtor. If there is no cooperation, CH can terminate the contract. - You are not required to set a limit price, but if you set a limit amount and the buyer indicates buying intention at that price, you are obliged to sell. - In case of accepted purchase offer you can not withdraw the contract - Required to pay a referral fee if we sold the real estate to our customer: In normal case. If you do not take the bid on the limit price. If the owner withdraws from the sale after the accepted bid. If you sell the apartment to the customer presented by CH within 1 year after the expiration of the order. you have to pay our commission with penalty. If it turns out after a settled purchase offer that there is a preemptive right on the real estate.
  • Financial obligation towards the bank,which one the uptake of mortgage credit, the bank registers onto the real estate serving as the coverage of the credit the regionally at a competent land registry.The debtor may use the real estate, but if he does not redeem the credit of the loan contract adequately, the bank may sell the offered real estate based on the mortgage right then. The hypothec with an absolute effect, that is effective oppositely everybody, if real estate is registered in the land registry.
  • Our database has a diverse range of customers, so it's up to you. If you advertise real estate at a reasonable price (in which our sales colleagues will help you), we can provide more customers within days.
  • The market price will be determined by our salesperson if the apartment is advertised with a maximum 5% above it’s real market value, the real-estate will be sold in 2 months.
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