• Investor, private, cash, credible, Hungarian, foreign ... Everyone who is looking for real estate in the city center turns to us. Our firm built up a valuable and useful contact system and an effective marketing detail during 15 years in the domestic market's circulation, which makes it possible for us to satisfy every demand.
  • The real estate agency requires a a high level of knowledge and and market knowledge. Our salesmen are involved in ongoing training to expand this knowledge and use it on a continually changing market in full-time.In addition, our company has built up over long years, relations offers a database where all the property we find a potential buyer. Furthermore, our firm’s long-term connection system offers a database where we can find potential buyers for all real-estates. We save you time and energy.
  • Central Home is a downtown real estate network that is adapting to the economic and market changes constantly, quickly fulfills the customer claims on a high level. Our team's disciplined cooperation and extensive network of contacts make it possible for us not to let an enquiring one down!
  • The usufruct is such personal easement right, which is based on beneficiaries to keep things standing in the possession of different ownership, use and benefits can take. The personal nature means that the usufruct is always for the benefit of a specific person(typically a natural person, exceptionally a legal person) by name , is connected to this person and cannot be transferred to antoher person.However, the rights deriving from the usufruct can be exercised not only by the beneficial owner itself, but also by the exercise of those rights by another person, free of charge or in return for payment. In the interests of consideration, the exercise of the right of usufruct can only be granted if the owner - with identical conditions does not does not claim the usage of the thing. In other words, the owner has a pre-lease, leasehold right. If the beneficiary does not exercise the rights from the usufruct at all or partly and does not allow anyone else to exercise it.Changes in the person of the owner do not affect the usufruct. Unlimited or lifelong usufruct can not be established, only for a limited time and up to the end of life of the beneficiary ( "usufruct holder until death").
  • The sign of the contract making and and its security transmitted amount, or something else. If the contract is fulfilled, the deposit will be charged to the value of the service. The person who is responsible for the failure of performance, will lose the given deposit, and the deposit must be refunded twice.
  • The sale of real estate requires full professional preparation, and such a process involves a number of economic and legal areas. In the absence of adequate knowledge of a serious taxation problem can arise both to the seller and to the buyer. Besides these, of course the more year market insight cannot be negligible aspect and the existence of an expanded customer base, which greatly simplifies the processes of selling Central Home.
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